This is Why you Should Monitor your Child’s use of the Internet

It is hard to dispute the fact that the internet is a worthwhile invention that has transformed almost all sectors of our lives such as healthcare, communication, business and so on. One of the topmost benefits of the internet has been witnessed in the education sector where students enjoy eased access to educational resources such as research papers, journals and books. Despite all its benefits, the internet has introduced new problems in the society and the most threatened people are our children. Therefore, it is vital for every parent to closely monitor their child’s activities on the internet lest they fall prey to the challenges created by this innovative invention.

First, many children already suffer or at risk of suffering from the internet addiction disorder. Studies indicate that children who spend lots of time on the internet display the urge to stay online at all times. Such children show disinterest in other activities because they are engrossed in the computer-generated world. Moreover, kids are at a higher risk of suffering from this disorder compared to adults because they have a tendency to explore and discover new things.

Since kids spend all their time on the internet, their physical activity tends to decrease. The internet provides many online games causing children to abandon outdoor activities such as playing soccer. Once children fail to engage in physical activity, they become susceptible to diseases related to lifestyle such as obesity.

Moreover, the kids are incapable of establishing social skills. Apart from obesity, kids can suffer eye problems and experience aches on their pain and shoulders due to straining. Since children are still developing, these health problems can have long-term repercussions. Finally, one of the greatest challenges that the internet brings is easy access to adult material and cybercrime. Watching or reading pornographic material causes kids to be sexually addictive.

Thus, it is necessary to keep tabs of how our kids use the internet.

Author: Karl Hansen

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