Let’s Check Curtains Versus Draperies

Curtains and draperies are two essential cloths that a room needs to be adorned with. Curtains are perfect to cover the room from the glaring shades of the sun and other form of light coming from the outside. Draperies also serve the same purpose. If so, how then should these two pieces of clothes differ from each other? Which of them is a lot better to use and the least preferred? This is a rather tough question for any housekeeper to answer. This is because both curtains and draperies are two essential components for a better interior design in whichever part of the house or even in some work places. This is why it is important to understand each of these pieces of cloths to fully understand and appreciate each of these.


Curtains are rather shorter compared to draperies. They are also a lot lighter compared to most of the draperies. Most curtains are also a lot shorter than most of draperies for obvious reasons. Most often curtains are used to cover windows to protect from the glaring light coming from the outside. In some cases curtains are also used for security purposes. This is especially true when these pieces of cloths are used to cover the room so it will not be easy for people especially strangers to peep through what is inside the room.


Draperies on the other hand are a lot longer that curtains. These are also a lot thicker than most curtains. Unlike curtains, draperies are often used to cover walls and extra huge glass windows. This is why it is purposely made of thicker materials compared to curtains.  Although it shares the same purpose of curtain for covering the room from outside forces, draperies somehow add a touch of elegance to a room for aesthetic purposes.

Author: Karl Hansen

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