To tip or Not to tip for Personal Services

Regardless of your educational attainment and social status you will always need to go out and enjoy pampering yourself with different kinds of personal services. The most common of these among women are having their hair done and making sure their toe and finger nails are perfectly polished coupled with soothing massage either on foot or the entire body. All these personal services are now readily available anywhere nearest you at pretty affordable prices due to the stiff competition in this particular kind of business. This is why it is no longer a hard thing for you to deal with whenever you need to get the services of personal service providers. The question here is not how to find these personal service providers but whether to give tip or not to give tip for personal services. Here’s the catch for this matter.


You need to think that for you to enjoy real pampering with personal services is truly a privilege and not a right at all. Hence, you must be grateful at all times for the person who provides you with that kind of service. You need to remember no matter how big or small the personal service you ought the person who provides it to you gratitude of different degree. Thus, it is truly a must for you to give tip to that person. Although in some places there is a stipulated percentage for tipping on personal services it is still all up to you to decide how much you are going to tip depending on the level of satisfaction you got from that kind of personal service.


However, there is no need for you to tip for personal services when it is already included in the service charge. However, if you could not thank enough for a very satisfying service then by all means you can hand in a tip to the provider.

Author: Karl Hansen

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