Busy Light a Polite Way to Indicate our Engaged Position

Busy light used to show our engaged position to the fellow workers and visitors. We use this busy light in our office cabins or in private places. We use these engaged in illumination because it could catch the attention easily since it uses color lights. We are using these busy lights in our work space to avoid encroachment during our busy hours. Work luminescence is used in telephone booths and table top telephones also to show the engaged position. Use of this busy light is helpful to avoid interruptions and to stabilize productivity. It is a simple indicator system but when used efficiently it could benefit us in a large extend. 


Occupied glow is helpful to indicate the conversation time in the phone, so that the colleagues or visitors will not interrupt us. Since it is considered as a polite way of indicating our busy position we could avoid lot of awkward situations in our office by using this busy light. The efficiency of the workforce could be benefited by the use of these busy lights since it helps to avoid maximum distractions in our work space. It is easy to identify and helps to avoid confusions in our office or factory. We could use this device in places where large amount of people are coming to visit, the busy light will give a clear clue to the visitors about the engaged position. Now it is widely used in hospitals, operation theaters, public toilets, testing rooms and even in some class rooms. These are helpful use the available time more efficiently without any distraction. It enhances the productivity and efficiency of the workers.  

Concentration in our work helps to reduce errors and omissions, these busy lights are helpful to avoid interruptions and to be concentrated on the work. Emergency situations could be indicated by flashing lights; these will draw the attention of the inmates easily. We could use these lights along with the audio messages of importance. When we use these lights to indicate the incoming calls we will be able to attend the calls. We may lose an important client just because of not attending a phone call at the right time, so this simple device attached to our telephone is a great help for our business. Usage of different lights and sounds enable us to customize the product to suite with our needs. Now with the introduction of LED technology busy lights are becoming more attractive and efficient. The visibility of the LED lights is more than that of the old filament lights.  

We could use a busy light attached to our computers also to show the engaged position. We saw high potential equipment with less cost by implementing busy light. We could see that these lights need hardly any maintenance except bulb change. Busy light is widely used because of its low cost and maintenance and it is considered as an acceptable way of communication about our engaged position. We are getting battery operated busy lights and this useful when electric power connection is not available. Different shape and color busy lights are used for various purposes.

Author: Karl Hansen

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