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Did you know your e-cigarette is as good as its battery? If you don’t use a good e-cig battery, you would have an e-cig that keeps running out of power now and then. And let us tell you that there’s nothing more haunting to a vaper than a dead e cigarette that can’t be used to vape nicotine liquid.

So, if you are wondering how you can stretch your experience of vaping nicotine liquid, here’s some information put together for you to understand batteries out and out. In this article, we’ll go over popular battery types for first-timers as well as experienced vapers. Knowing them will also help you take some important decisions, such as how to buy e cigarette nicotine liquid which is compatible with the battery type and the vape device you have.

Automatic e-cig batteries
This is the most popular battery type among new vapers who want to keep their vaping experience smooth and hassle-free. With the use of these automatic power sources, you can get the desired kick out of vaping without having to push the buttons. The automatic battery gets activated right when you inhale from your e-cigs. That makes it perfect for someone wanting to replicate the experience of smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Not to mention, they are easy to use and makes the idea of vaping e cigarette nicotine liquid a whole lot convenient. However, the only thing with these batteries that can put you off is that there could be some delay between inhaling and puffing the vapour. And that you would need to take some primer short puffs to allow the coil to heat up before you can enjoy vaping.

Manual e-cig batteries
Manual e-cig batteries are, in a way, better than automatic ones when it comes to operation. These batteries have usually more power, which means they can last usually longer and produce more vapour and better throat hits of nicotine liquid. The only thing that concerns vapers is that they have to push the fire button either three or five times in succession. This can be a little irritating and bother until you get used to it. You have to put some efforts in using these batteries like a pro.

Variable voltage or variable wattage batteries
These batteries are the most advanced batteries on the list. You can adjust the heat by increasing or decreasing voltage or wattage. In simpler terms, you can control the power that your vape device produces. Before their advent, vapers had no choice but to vape with the standard fixed voltage that was somewhere around 3.7 volts. But sooner, the demand for reaching higher voltage levels forced the manufacturers to come up with a solution and thus happened variable voltage vape pens and variable wattage mods. They have been pretty much living up to the expectations of experienced vapers who want to vape e cigarette nicotine liquid to their heart’s content. All in all, if you want to experience stronger hits and flavours, you can completely rely on these batteries.

In-built batteries
This kind of batteries is an inseparable part of your vape device. They are popular among the vapers who don’t want to handle extra peripherals. If you are new to the e-cigarette world, you should start your vaping journey with a device that comes with built-in batteries as then you will worry less about the hardware hassles and focus more on vaping your e-cigarette nicotine liquid. But the downside of going with these batteries is that your vape device would turn worthless if your battery dies.

You will gradually find out that nothing matters to your vaping experience more than your e-cig battery. Since, it is the battery that decides when, what and for how long you can vape.

Author: Karl Hansen

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