How to Maximise Your Time With a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney


Time is one of the most valuable assets anyone has.

This sentiment has never been truer than those constituents who sit down with a professional divorce lawyer in Sydney.

Whether they are billing by the hour, offering a flat fee for the consultation or providing a service pro bono for community members, this is an opportunity that should be leveraged by constituents in the city.

Outside of those individuals who have been trained in family law or live with a family law professional at home, they won’t be aware of much of the processes that take place within this field and they require time with an expert.

This is why it is important to take stock of some practices and approaches that clients can take during those initial discussions with the professional.

Check Their Credentials and Ratings

In order to truly maximise your time with a divorce lawyer in Sydney, you need to ensure they are the right people to be talking to in the first place. If you happen to take a firm at face value and a fee is included, it could be time wasted and money spent for nothing. No solicitor in the field of divorce can hide from their reputation or past performance, and other constituents will be happy to provide details and information on this very subject online. From Facebook commentary to Google reviews out of 5 stars and legal sites and apps that go into depth for the niche, there are free open public domains that outline their credentials for all to see.

Come Prepared With Evidence

The last point any client wants to hear from their divorce lawyer in Sydney is this: “come back to me when you get those details.” As they poke and prod for key information over the case, this back-and-forth can really slow down the process for all parties. This is why it is worthwhile having bank statements, credit history, lease agreements, employer records and more on your person. Some of these details might need to remain confidential, but some solicitors will want to have a gauge for basic figures and determine if they are under any financial or legal risk as a result of reading that information.

Outline Your Non-Negotiable List

There might be instances where your non-negotiable list could come into conflict with the evidence that is issued by your divorce lawyer in Sydney. From a stance over child custody to making claims over family assets and property, there might be a case where these two priorities are juxtaposed to one and other. Yet it is important to make these points from the outset, allowing the solicitor to get a gauge over the client’s beliefs and state of mind over the process.

Don’t Ask Questions You Know The Answer To

It is a waste of everyone’s time including the divorce lawyer in Sydney if the client asks questions that they already know the answer to. Due to a sense of obligation or just wanting the talks to progress to another phase, there are some basic questions that a client will already be aware of but feel as though it needs to be voiced. There is no such thing as a bad question in these environments because a spouse needs to be informed. However, these talks are only designated for 30, 45 or 60-minute periods in open session, so this is time to poke and probe for information that you are not aware of already.

Inquire About The Next Steps To Take

The final step that clients can take to maximise their time with a divorce lawyer in Sydney is inquiring about step number two and three. What happens once the doors close? Who should be engaged? What can be done to limit risk and maximise opportunity? They should be practical measures, even if that is produced through another referral to a colleague.

Author: Karl Hansen

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