Traits Of The Top Child Custody Law Firms In Sydney


In the unfortunate event that you find yourself going through a divorce or de-facto relationship breakdown, it’s a good idea to engage a solicitor who specialise in the type of challenges you are facing. If you are facing child custody battle in metropolitan New South Wales, it’s prudent to seek out help from one of the top child custody lawyers in Sydney.

However, not all businesses you go to will be of the same quality and you need to do some research to compare your options. Ideally, the top child custody law firms in Sydney should possess the following traits:

1.     Organised and punctual

In the professional field solicitors are meant to be one of the more organised and punctual, so it wouldn’t be very impressive to find a legal agency that was disorganised and didn’t return your calls. One of the top child custody law firms in Sydney should be highly organised, returning you calls and emails in a quick manner and apologising for any delays.

The legal field is highly competitive, and you shouldn’t have to tolerate poor administrative behaviour when there are lots of other options for you out there. Also, poor organisation and correspondence is a sign that they’re generally disorganised and probably not the best practitioner you can select.

2.     Have additional certifications and training

When you’re choosing to engage one of the top child custody law firms in Sydney, you should look to see if they have any additional certifications or training that sets them apart from the average agency. Ideally, the solicitors you are looking at should have specialist training in how to handle divorce related matters like property settlement and child custody.

There should be evidence of their advanced understanding of negotiation tactics and how they would implement them in alternative dispute resolution exercises. All of this means they will be more effective in helping you secure an out-of-court settlement which is generally longer lasting and fairer for both parties.

3.     Put the interests of the child first

child custody

The top child custody law firms in Sydney should always have a focus on the welfare of children who are caught in the crossfire during relationship breakdowns. The agency should acknowledge that children are often the worst affected by a divorce and that the focus should be on protecting their emotional well-being and ensuring their lifestyle is not interrupted.

The solicitors at one of the top child custody law firms in Sydney should be eager to help secure the best interests of any children involved in the relationship. This is the sign of an agency that goes above and beyond to do good in the community.

4.     A positive, productive workplace culture

One of the top child custody law firms in Sydney should also openly demonstrate and productive workplace culture that has a focus on positivity and cooperation. Rather than having solicitors compete with one another, the atmosphere should be collaborative and aimed at securing the best possible outcome for their clients.

All of this will mean that your case will have better resources attached to it since solicitors and legal aides will be openly helping one another. This can fast-track the progress of your cases, meaning that you won’t have to deal with the stress of the situation any longer than necessary.

There you have it, some of the most important traits that the top child custody law firms in Sydney should possess.

Author: Karl Hansen

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