Important Tips To Follow When Designing Wedding Invitations

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Getting married is super exciting and it’s only natural that you would want to share this excitement as soon as possible by sending out all of your fantastic wedding invitations! However, you can’t just rush them out the door and expect them to have the effect you want – you need to think carefully about your design choices and what you are going to include.

Your wedding invitations are meant to serve two main purposes; informing guests that they’ve been formally invited as well as getting them excited for the big day. In this way, you need to consider both the practical utility and aesthetic appeal of whatever you decide to send out to your prospective guestlist.

The following will take a closer look at some of the important consideration you need to keep in mind whilst designing your wedding invitations.

1.     Choose an appropriate typeface

Firstly, when you’re designing your wedding invitations you need to think about the kind of font or typeface you are going to use. This can actually be a much tougher decision than you might imagine as there are subtle differences in the effect that different typefaces achieve.

If you are having a traditional white ceremony in a church or another formal venue, then you might end up going with a more elegant and classical typeface. On the other hand, if you’re having a beach ceremony in a tropical paradise then you might go with a typeface that’s a little more relaxed, reflecting the open and carefree nature of the location you’re getting hitched in.

2.     Don’t overcrowd it with useless information

The point of your wedding invitations is to get people informed and excited, not bore them with a lengthy story of how you met or what the marriage is going to mean to you. While these sentiments are nice, you’re asking a lot for people to read all of that and appreciate its meaning when they check their letterbox in the morning.

Keep things short and sweet. It’s much better to use a few elegant sentences than write several paragraphs of boring drivel. It’s about getting your guests excited for the big day and not boring them to death before they can even think about going.

3.     Organise them early

One big mistake people make with their wedding invitations is that leave them too late in the planning process and end up not giving people enough notice. This is where save the date cards can come in handy as a pre-invite you can send that lets people know when to mark their calendar but doesn’t have as much detailed info (like parking, schedules) as the main card.

If people don’t have enough notice, they won’t be able to take time off work or plan flights if you have a destination ceremony somewhere out of the way. If you want to ensure that as much of your guestlist shows up as possible – give them a lot of notice!

4.     Go with an aesthetic that matches your ceremony décor

For the best effect, you want to ensure you wedding invitations look the part and match with the artistic aesthetic of your big day. Using the tropical example again, you might include lots of tropical flowers or even fish to communicate the vibe.

The choice is yours when it comes to making the perfect wedding invitations!

Author: Karl Hansen

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