Why You Should Be Purchasing Prescription Glasses And How You Can Be Hurting Your Eyes If You Don’t

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There is an old mentality that is still very prevalent today that when people are experiencing something that may potentially slow them down, they should just push through. This is why so many people keep pushing themselves for years when they have an injury that is bothering them. While this approach may save people time, money, and energy in the short-term, they may actually find that it costs them a lot more in the long run.

For example, someone may not want to may a Physiotherapist to help them fix their back and so might order a cheap back brace on eBay and will keep pushing through. After a few months they could be in so much pain that they aren’t able to work at all which, of course, can be catastrophic for one’s bank account. Furthermore, some people may not realise that when they don’t treat their symptoms in the beginning, they could end up much more in-depth and expensive long-term. And so, here is why you should be purchasing prescription glasses and how you can be hurting your eyes if you don’t.

Store bought options that are not prescription glasses can actually end up damaging your sight

There seems to be a code amongst the older generation that spectacles are expensive and that it is much better to just get a $10.00 pair from their local chemist. What people may not realise is that each and every human body is like a snowflake because no two are exactly the same. This applies to all areas of the body and this, of course, also applies to eyes.

For example, one person may have deteriorating eyesight because of their genetics and this strongly runs in their family. Another person may have issues because they use the computer too much and will just need something to help with strain. As these are two completely different problems, they will require two completely different solutions.

Similarly, someone could suffer from astigmatism which means that usual lenses are not suitable for them. As this is the case, people will actually cause a lot of damage to their eyes in they use the wrong thing which can lead to irreversible damage or even surgery.

Purchasing prescription glasses can actually be a lot cheaper than you think if you do your research

Another reason why you should be purchasing prescription glasses is because they actually aren’t as expensive as most people think. These days, there are lots of different initiatives available that are designed to encourage people to go and get their eyes tested. So much so that most places will actually offer bulk billing for this service.

Best of all, most people don’t even have to spend money in the place where they get their eyes tested. They can instead ask to have their prescription printed out which they are able to use to purchase a cheaper option online. This may not be suitable for those who have complex prescription needs but for the everyday person this is perfectly fine to do. And so, people will be able to choose from frames that look fantastic and that also aren’t going to break the bank.

On top of all of this, people are able to claim a portion back on private health which may be up to $300 each year depending on who they are with. As it can be seen, the old myth that prescription glasses are just too expensive is no longer a valid one.

Author: Karl Hansen

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