Why Clients Should Value Consultation Time With Their Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne


Consultations with a criminal lawyer in Melbourne should not be taken for granted.

Especially for those experienced operators that come highly recommended, this is time that can be leveraged when the client arrives in good faith.

We will outline why this scheduled time should be valued and what the individual stands to gain from healthy discussions.

Legal Advice is Rarely Cheap

The first consideration that should be examined when valuing the consultation time with a criminal lawyer in Melbourne is the financial aspect. These specialists can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per hour for their counsel and expertise, illustrating how important it is to maximise these discussions and develop a sound legal strategy for their case. If this time is wasted or it is deemed as unfruitful, then that will be a wasted investment and money that could have been better spent elsewhere.

Solicitor Scheduling is Tight

For a top operating criminal lawyer in Melbourne who is at the top of their game and providing a quality service to the community, there is every chance their schedule is booked out for a number of weeks. Outside of making some initial contact, they will have to place a marker on an upcoming consultation for a number of weeks in advance. This is one of the crucial reasons why these talks should be valued, ensuring that follow up questions, voicing problems or looking for clarification on a topic is addressed as early as possible. If they are left to one side, then it could be an uncomfortable delay for the next time in-person communication is afforded to the client.

Determining Solicitor Suitability

If there is any doubt or reservation about the ability of a criminal lawyer in Melbourne, then the client can only make that subjective call during consultation time. Given the amount of variety within the profession itself, there could be a specialist better suited to the role. From white-collar crime to violent crime, public order cases, property crime and enterprise crime, this is a wide-ranging field where one operator arrives with a higher degree of experience and expertise. These one-on-one discussions will help to establish whether or not they are fit for purpose and if they can provide a referral to a colleague within the firm itself.

Establishing Risk and Opportunity

One of the benefits of regular consultations with a criminal lawyer in Melbourne is that they will be able to offer their counsel on current risks and opportunities. Once they have been given the chance to survey the case and understand what the client faces with their situation, they will be able to establish what charges or accusations have been filed by the plaintiff, what motions or responses can be offered and where the opportunities lie with evidence that has been obtained by counsel. These talks will inform what steps are additionally taken in the intervening days and weeks.

Best Chance to Know The Next Step

The continual question that is either front or back of mind with a client in a criminal case is obvious – ‘what is the next step?’ Once a hearing date has been set, a meeting with prosecutors has been formalised or evidence has been filed, where to next for all parties? This is where consultations are key when dealing with a criminal lawyer in Melbourne, ensuring there is clarity in the planning and establishing guidelines for the individual as to who they should and should not talk to.

Consultations between a criminal lawyer in Melbourne and their client is where much of the progress can be found. They pricing and scheduling demands will place responsibility on the individual’s shoulders to make the most of the time spent together, but if it is used correctly, the planning and processing can be optimised. That will provide a greater chance of receiving a satisfactory legal outcome when both parties work together to the same objectives.

Author: Karl Hansen

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