3 Tips For Buying And Protecting Your Timber Outdoor Furniture

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If you want to spruce up your backyard space for summer entertaining, then investing in some timber outdoor furniture is one of the best moves you can make. The classic appeal and durability of wooden seating means that you can reliably use these products for all of your barbeques and summertime gatherings with just a few common-sense maintenance tips.

Taking some precautions when purchasing and caring for your new seating items is a clever way to protect your investment and save money in the long-term.

However, it never hurts to be as informed as possible when you are trying to purchase a new set of timber outdoor furniture and make sure it is well-taken-care-of. The following will examine some very useful tips you can use when buying and trying to maintain your timber outdoor furniture.

1.      Make sure you measure!

Even though you are placing the item outside where you won’t be boxed in by interior walls, measuring your timber outdoor furniture is still important. If you don’t have a huge backyard space, then investing in something that’s too big could get in the way of you trying to entertain and act as a tripping hazard for children running around the yard.

You should think about what your backyard looks like and visualise what kind of seating arrangement would be best in terms of size. Taking photos of the space and comparing them with what you see in the shop can help make everything fit visually for you.

2.      Shop around!

Don’t just go to one store when shopping for timber outdoor furniture – do yourself a favour and see as much as possible before dropping your cash. Even if you find something you adore and are sure that you won’t regret, it can be prudent to make a note of it then look for something similar put potentially cheaper at another store.

Keep in mind that different stores and manufacturers will have varying warranties and returns policies. Make sure you read the fine print so that you don’t agree to a deal that is unfavourable or limiting.

3.      Keep it protected from the elements

As you might expect, timber outdoor furniture will require to take some measures in order to keep it protected from harsh weather and the general exposure of the world (including insects). Ideally, you will have invested in some covers you can use to place over the items when there is extreme weather so that they are undamaged.

When it comes winter time and you don’t plan to do any backyard entertaining, then it is prudent to place all of your timber outdoor furniture undercover so that it isn’t exposed unnecessarily. When the weather starts to warm up again you can then give them a quick hose down with some pressurised water and they’ll be ready for you to use.

There are also several finishes and other topical solutions you can apply to your timber outdoor furniture that work to enhance and retain the wood’s natural coat of protective oil. This oil will dissipate over time and can’t be replaced, so its smart to start investing in a protective wood oil product that you can apply on day 1.

There you have it, 3 useful tips for buying a protecting your new set of timber outdoor furniture.

Author: Karl Hansen

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